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Broker Profile: Tricia Macalka

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Tricia Macalka


This week our Broker Profile is on Ms. Tricia Macalka. Tricia is a fierce negotiator and gracious diplomat when dealing with clients, tenants, municipal officials. Tricia’s work ethic is solid and comparable to the tenacity of a pit bull.

Here are her answers to the “get to know ECCRE” questionnaire.

Birthday– December 13, 1981
Favorite Ice Cream or something– Mint Chocolate Chip, and (My Precious son’s smiling face.)
Favorite Disney Hero/Heroine and why: Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”
Tiana is humble, Hard-working, opinionated, Honorable, Intelligent and loving. She never had anything handed to her. She grew up learning respect, and appreciated the things that life had provided for her. She was taught that if she wanted something, she had to work for it. She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She believed in herself, and worked hard to better her life by doing something she was passionate about. She is a strong, independent woman and loved good food and music. I think she is an excellent example for young girls, and a great influence for women.

Favorite thing to do alone: journal at some of my secret hiding places all around Wilmington, and listen to music that inspires me.

Favorite thing to do with people: LAUGH and see a good band playing, sometimes pick up my violin and play some music myself. This City is full of excellent musicians. Lots of talent in the Port City.

Favorite Period of History: The French Revolution 1789 and the First wave of Feminism, I also Love the 70’s and 80’s because the music was amazing then, and I can still rage to some Pat Benatar, like I use to with my Mom and sister on Saturday mornings, cleaning house.

Favorite Real World Person: My Memum and late Papa Ring. They have always been the glue to my family. They ministered the word of God for 53 years, all over the world; and served as missionaries. They’ve changed more peoples lives just by loving them, and supporting peoples dreams and visions. They are the reason I discovered Wilmington and fell in love with Wilmington at the age of 10. I owe it to them, that I get to call this city home. They have the most amazing stories, which I miss hearing since my Papa passed away; but the memories they’ve given me will live forever.

Why Are You Interested In CRE: I truly love being a part of the growth in our community. I love helping others, to make their visions come to life; and start their own businesses. I love seeing people succeed. Kind of like Tiana. I love that there is NOTHING routine about Commercial Real Estate, because I get bored easily. Everyday is different. Every deal is different. It is fun and exciting, sometimes stressful, but the pride and excitement of getting across the finish line; is very rewarding, and makes me proud. Proud of myself, proud of this Company, my Team mates when they are successful, and proud of this City because of how far I have seen it come since I was a little girl. I just love helping others. Giving back makes me happy.

What Area Do You Work in: Retail Leasing, Land development, and a little industrial.

What do you want to be a master of: Land development, Multi-family

What are your specialties: Excellent interpersonal skills. I connect with my clients, and can talk to any stranger. I really listen to their needs, and building that trust with people is important to me. Your word is your bond, and I always do what I say I am going to do. My growing knowledge of the market place, and ever expanding understanding and training in sales, is what helps me to negotiate and get to the finish line.

To contact Tricia call her at (910) 399 4602 or email Tricia@eccrenc.com so she can get started helping you reach your real estate goals.